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FtpStatusCode Enumeration

Contains the list of FTP status codes.

public enum FtpStatusCode


Member Name Description
Nop Nop.
OpeningDataChannel Data channel opening.
OK Command successfully completed.
SystemStatusAndHelpReply System status or help reply.
FileStatus File status.
ServiceAvailableForNewUser The server is available for a new user.
ControlStreamClosed The command stream is being closed.
TransferComplete Transfer completed.
EnteringPassiveMode Entering passive mode.
SessionOpened The user session was successfully opened.
FileCommandDone File command was successfully executed.
PathCreated Path created.
PasswordRequired The user password is required.
WaitingForInfo The server waits for information.
ServiceNotAvailable The server is not available.
DataChannelNotOpened Could not send data into the data channel.
AccessDenied Access is denied.
FileProcessFailure A failure occured while the server was processing the file.
UnknownCommand Syntax error: the command is unknown.
WrongParameter Syntax error: command parameter(s) is (are) wrong.
NotImplemented Command not implemented.
WrongCommandSequence The command sequence is wrong.
ParameterNotSupported The parameter is not supported by the command.
SessionNotOpened The user session could not be opened.
RequestedActionNotTaken The file or path was not found, access denied.


Namespace: Hevea.Core.Ftp

Assembly: Hevea.Core (in Hevea.Core.dll)

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