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HeveaServer Properties

The properties of the HeveaServer class are listed below. For a complete list of HeveaServer class members, see the HeveaServer Members topic.

Public Static Properties

CompressionEnabled Enables / disables the data compression using GZIP.
CompressionThreshold Gets / sets the compression threshold (kilobytes).
DefaultDocument Gets / Sets the default page.
KeepAliveEnabled Enables /disables the keep alive; indicates if its is enabled.
MustAuthenticate Gets / sets if the server must check the user credentials.
Registrations Gets the list of document registrations.
SslEnabled Enables the SSL port, indicates if it is enabled. The SSL port must be enabled / disabled before starting the server to take effect.
WwwRoot Gets the server working directory (WWW root).

Public Instance Properties

PublicIPAddress Gets / sets the public server IP address (for WebService use). Default value is the default server IP address.

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