Hevea documentation

Hevea.Core.Http Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
HeveaServer Implementation of the Hevea web application server.
HttpClientRequest Represents the Http client request.
HttpCookie Represents a cookie.
HttpCookieCollection Represents a collection of cookies.
HttpFormItem Represents a HTTP form item.
HttpFormItemCollection Collection of HTTP form items.
HttpHeader Represents a HTTP header.
HttpHeaderCollection Collection of HTTP headers.
HttpPostedFile The HTTP posted file correspond to a file that has been tramistted through posting a web form in a multipart/form-data format .
HttpPostedFileCollection Represents the collection of file that has been uploaded.
HttpServerResponse Represents the server response.
MimeType Contains the MIME types supported by Hevea.
UserLanguage Represents a user language preference.
UserLanguageCollection User language collection.


Enumeration Description
HttpClientRequest.Browser Type of browser used by the client.