Hevea documentation

Hevea.Core Namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
Credential Represents a user credential.
CredentialStore Stores the list of credentials for the access to the web server.
Cryptography Contains functions for data encoding and related decoding.
DataCached The FileCached represents data that are exchange between a FTP client and the FTP application. It abstracts the way data are stored, whether in memory or in a file.
DocumentRegistration Represents a document registration to the server.
DocumentRegistrationCollection Represents a list of document registrations.
Utilities Utilities for hevea.


Delegate Description
CredentialStore.CredentialExistsDelegate Method called when checking the existence of a user account. The login should not be case sensitive.
CredentialStore.GetCredentialDelegate Method called when requesting the credential of a user. Hevea first looks for the user credential in the built-in credential store. If not found, this method is called. The login should not be case sensitive.


Enumeration Description
DocumentRegistration.SecurityMode List of security modes supported by Hevea.