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HeveaServer Fields

The fields of the HeveaServer class are listed below. For a complete list of HeveaServer class members, see the HeveaServer Members topic.

Public Static Fields

DefaultCompressionThreshold Default compression threshold (kilobytes).
DefaultPublicPort Default port for HTTP.
DefaultSecuredPort Default port for HTTPS.
DefaultVirtualDirectoryUri Default virtual directory.
ExplorerPageUri Virtual name of the Hevea explorer page.
FirstUsePageUri Virtual name of the Hevea first use page.
LocalIPAddressParameterName Name of the local IP parameter.
PublicIPAddressParameterName Name of the the public IP parameter.
ResourcesDirectoryUri Virtual directory of resources for internal pages.
Version Hevea version.
WelcomePageUri Virtual name of the Hevea welcome page.

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