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HttpClientRequest Members

HttpClientRequest overview

Public Static Properties

DefaultDocument Gets / Sets the default document.

Public Instance Properties

Agent Gets the client browser.
Content Gets the request content (null if only posted values are sent by the client).
Cookies Gets the list of cookies posted by the client.
DocumentName Gets the name of the requested document (without path).
DocumentPath Gets the path of the document.
DocumentPhysicalRelativePath Gets the physical relative path of the requested document.
DocumentUri Gets the request document URI.
FileInCacheDate Gets the date of the file that is cached client side. If not given by the client, DateTime.MinValue
Header Gets the HTTP headers.
HostName Gets the server name called by the client.
HTTPVersion Returns the HTTP version of the client.
IsSecured Indicates if the connection to the client is secured.
IsValid Indicates if the request is valid (HTTP protocol point of view).
KeepAlive Indicates if the client supports the kept-alive connection or if each request is executed within a new connection.
Languages Gets the preferred languages of the client browser.
Method Gets the HTTP method.
PostedFiles Gets a collection of files that were posted by the client browser.
PostedValues Gets the values of a posted form.
QueryString Gets the request query.
Redirect Gets if the client must be redirected to another URL.
RemoteIP Gets the client IP address.
SessionId Gets the request handler identifier.
UserCredential Returns the client credential or null if the user did not authenticate.

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